„without eleni“

27. April 2013



This place in Athens was the place, where Eleni was sitting every day.

She came from Nigeria, and we spoke every day when I passed by.

Eleni sold Cds and DVDs, and she had always a smile on her face.

Maybe she was the most smiling person I ever met.

When we left from Athens in 2006, we also said goodbye to Eleni.

Coming back for a short visit in 2010, we learned that Eleni died in 2009.

She was not even 40 years old.

„a little bit more than halbherzig“

27. April 2013


„erdbeergartenzwergmützen – kollektion 2013“

26. April 2013


„it´s easier to count the tauben than the löcher in the white wall“

25. April 2013


„hidden world“

22. April 2013


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